Power Cage

The power cage is also known as squat rack. Squat cage or power rack is one of the weight training items, which is designed to allow for the free work-outs using the barb shell. This power cage equipment can be used even without the movement restrictions that are imposed by the equipments such as Smith Machine. Other machines do impose some restrictions to use them.This instrument is originally described as the “apparatus for the use along with the barb shell” and this apparatus was patented in 1987 by its inventor “Karl I. Mullen” from Oregon, USA. The maker has described this apparatus in his patent like this –

This apparatus essentially comprises of four vertical posts with the movable horizontal bar catchers on both the sides. In order to provide more strength to the apparatus, the uprights of the apparatus are linked normally together on the top and bottom and thus it provides the cage like structure. Safe free weight exercises and workouts can be easily undertaken since the dropping of bars and even the dumb shells will be rested on either sides of the cage. Thus, it will help you to exercise easily.

This apparatus can easily be used for large number of exercises and the exercise includes squat and many over-head processes. In this cage, exercise such as partial deadlift, partial squats and partial bench presses can be easily practiced.

With the help this cage, there is no need of other equipments that are used for the above said exercises. The partial movements done in this cage allows for the greater weight, it has to be used in safe way, and if it is not used safely, then you might result in a heavy damage to your body. If you want to build heavy muscles, then put more weight and work harder in this power cage.