10 Reasons Why Solar Power is the Next Big Thing

There are several compelling reasons why solar power is going to be massive over the next few years. Enrolling on a solar training course and why getting into this industry could be the best thing you ever do.

10 Reasons Why You Should Do It

– Solar power is better for the environment than fossil fuels and once it reaches cost parity it will explode.

– It is growing in popularity and can be used to heat swimming pools, power cars, mobile phones, ipods and other small appliances.

– Solar energy is a renewable resource that will never run out.

– The earth receives more energy from the sun in just one hour than the whole world uses in an entire year.

– Shell Oil predicts that by 2040, 50% of the world’s energy will come from renewable sources such as solar panels. Many major companies like Shell run their own solar training courses.

– Two billion people in the world don’t have access to electricity. Solar panels can solve this.

– If you produce even more energy than you use, your utility company will buy it back from you.

– Solar power is not affected by the supply and demand of fuel and is therefore not subjected to the ever-increasing price hikes.

– By not using any fuel, solar panels do not add to the cost and problems of storage of radioactive waste or pollute the environment with the transportation of fuel.

– Once your solar panels are installed, there is no more outlay! Its just savings. They are immediate and will last a lifetime.